Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Life: Seussisized

Here is a day, a day in the life
a day in the life
of this mother and wife.

Daddy leaves early in the day,
off to earn some workish pay.
Leaving mom and babe to play, play, play.

Mom hears her baby cry and cry,
calm her, calm her, she does try.
With toys and games, she does ply.

Mommy says: Come on Baby, stop, stop, stop.
Stop and eat some delicious schlopp.
Delicious schlopp with squished fruit on top.

Baby's food she loves to drop.
Schloppy mess cleaned with a mop.
Drop food, drop food, plop, plop, plop.

Sleepy baby, whiny baby, snorey snore snore.
Nap time, nap time, close the door.
Caffeine, caffeine, mom needs some more.

Diaper blow out, it's everywhere,
khaki goop in baby's hair.
Mommy gags it's just not fair.

Daddy comes home, he's ready for fun.
But he wonders what his wife has done.
Supper? Clean house? he finds not one.

Baby, baby, she wants to play,
a bath, a meal, some songs mom say
sleepy time, sleepy time, so down she lay.

After this day Mommy's about to pop.
On the couch she needs to flop.
hop, drop, plop, mop, flop, pop, stop!

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  1. how you find time to be so creative is beyond me dear sister!