Friday, August 9, 2013

A Free eCopy of A World of Possibility? Sign Me the Hell Up!

A World of Possibility – A Free ebook of Short Stories

4327434This is a truly wonderful collection of short stories by a group of authors who have forged strong links with each other across the globe, to develop a network of writers who can share their ideas, their work, and their own brand of togetherness. The Authors Social Media Support Group (ASMSG) is a collective who engage with social media to bring their work to the attention of a global audience, and they do it with smiles on their digital faces.
Yes, this short story collection is COMPLETELY FREE! So, click to download, and then ‘The Jumper’ will leap off the page at you, and then ‘Leaving Sarah’ may be a good thing or a bad thing? Wait for ‘The Balance’ to make you wobble, and then point ‘The Gun’ at ‘Mooncussers’ for a short story double dose extra thrill. Take a trip to ‘Ghost Inn’, perhaps for a ‘Vacation Interrupted’.  And ‘The Painting’ is a story that hangs well.
‘One More Back’ suggests an elusive tale, while ‘Lala Salaama’ has a sing song title. ‘Cuffed’ and ‘Underground’ are short stories to blow you away, ‘The Family Tradition’ is here to stay.  ‘Flashback’ and ‘The Wayward Parcel’ are stories that may like to hold hands and float along together through cyberspace.
And what’s inside ‘The Box’?
‘The Legacy’ could quite easily be ’The Baby’, who will grow up to savour tales such as ‘Revenge’ and ‘The Sea Turtle’Today could be ‘A Date to Die For’, but then so could tomorrow: ‘A Step in Time’.
Feel the poetry of ‘A Cottage at Manitou Crossing’and blow a reader’s kiss at ‘Little Boy Blue’.
‘Ruth’ sounds a plain and simple tale, but that could be deceptive, and for a dose of intrigue we have ‘The Unedited Interview with Brenford Stevens’.
It’s a terrific collection and it’s FREE!
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