Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Great Escape

Every two nights, it is my turn to take the Boogaloo upstairs for bedtime.  Sometimes, this consists of stories, songs, kisses and waves goodnight but others, it is "two more minutes, mommy" and a ninja-like break for the door only achieved after two year old has finally lost her struggle to stay awake indefinitely.

Tonight was the latter. After I finally got her settled - eyes closed, muscles releaxed and her little stomach rising and falling evenly with her breathing - I briefly revelled in her sleepy sweetness and then tapped my inner ninja.

Apparently, my inner ninja had fallen asleep long before my daughter did. 

Mistake Number 1: I forgot the jangly Bollywood style bangles I had on my wrist.  Chingachingching. One eye opened, "Mommy, two more minutes.  Put your head down on the pillow here."

Time passed and my inner ninja began to stealthily snore.

I cleverly slipped off my bracelets to reduce the noise when I made my next break for it.

Now is when I would cue the Mission Impossible theme music if I could actually remember it.
Which I can't. 
(Le sigh)

However, in the meantime my inner ninja lapsed into a coma. 

Mistakes Number 3, 4, 5 and 6: duvet crinkling, knees bumping furniture, mattress bloody well boinging, cracking, thwanging and dwinging loud enough to shake the rafters as I lurch off the bed while banging the guard rail repeatedly.  Amazingly enough, despite my inner ninja's unforgivable lapses, Brynn snored on as I galumphed my way to the suddenly squeaky door. 

Freeeeedom! Of course, now I'm sitting here feeling slightly bereft, wishing I could hear "two more minutes, mommy" again.  Oh well, there's always Thursday.

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